Prescription Information

*Please note: As well as doing NON Subsidised Medicines, we also do your regular subsidised medicine prescriptions as well.

How does it work: Post your prescription(s) direct to the address below along with your day time contact phone number, payment details and any information you would like us to know. We will contact you via the phone number or email address provided if any extra information is required or we have to outsource your medication.

Your prescription will arrive in a plain signature required courier envelope marked Private and Confidential. It is best to have your prescription delivered to an address where there is someone to sign for it – your office or home address if someone is normally home. 

Please allow up to 5 working days for your prescription to arrive. This covers the time it takes for your prescription to arrive in the mail and for us to dispense it and courier it to you. We check our Mailbox daily.

Alternatively, get your GP to fax us the prescription to this number and post the original to the same address as above. Faxing a prescription is a lot faster than posting and we generally handle these enquries during the same day.

FAX: F: (09) 378 6075


Feel free to call through to our team to check if we have the medication in stock and price options.

Phone to talk to Dispensary: 
P: (09) 378 6075


Pop in to pick up in Person (no additional charges):

 202 Ponsonby Road , Ponsonby, Auckland

Repeat Prescriptions? 
If you have repeat prescriptions from which our pharmacy has dispensed the originals and you would like them processed and sent out to you, please contact our dispensary on  (09) 378 6075 .  Please include your full name and a daytime contact phone number. 

Need your medicine urgently? 
If you need your medicine immediately for items like pain relief or antibiotics please use your local pharmacy. However, if you are able to wait for 24 hours then ask your Doctor to fax your prescription directly to us on (09) 378 6075 and then post your prescription to the above postal address. You will need to call us on (09) 378 6075 to let us know your prescription is coming and to arrange payment and delivery details. We will dispense your prescription as soon as we receive your call and your faxed prescription and courier you your medicine overnight. 


Email your Repeat or Enquiry:


Delivery information:

PharmacyMeds offers a full mail-order prescription service with $5.00 delivery* to all New Zealand residents (*if only prescription items, or $5.95 if you have some retail items in there as well). There are many benefits to our service including privacy, convenience and in many cases cost.

Please note that we can only supply prescription medicine if you supply a prescription written by a resident New Zealand doctor registered with the New Zealand Medical Council. 

Pharmacist Advice: 
Our trained pharmacists are happy to assist you with any medication queries or concerns that you may have about your medicine. Feel free to call us between 9am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Please Note: 
For your security when you make any enquiries by telephone regarding your prescription or personal details you will be asked for an order number and the answer to your security question. If you do not have this information please contact our dispensary staff and set this up. We will not be able to give out any details unless we have this.

Looking for a medicine and canʼt find it on the site? 
Please feel free to email us , if you have any questions regarding medicines that are not listed on our site. 

Sourcing medicines from overseas? 
Trying to access a medicine that is not available in New Zealand? Seven Day Pharmacy specialises in outsourcing medicines that may not be available in New Zealand or are unable to be advertised due to specific restrictions.

Contact us via email and we will help you get what you need. We work with your doctor to source these medicines from reputable suppliers overseas and the local branches of the drug companies that manufacture these medicines.